Madhav Mehndiratta Infosec Enthusiast

My Expertise

I am a 12th grade student at Sacred Heart Convent School, Jagadhri. I am extremely interested in Cyber Security and wannabe Red Teamer. I enjoy hacking stuff as much as I enjoy writing about it. You can check my blog where you will find write-ups for CTF challenges, articles about certain topics and even quick notes about different things that I want to remember.


I started coding at the age of 13. Since then I have gained hands on experience in Python, C, C++, Ansible Automation, and want to add more to my bucket. I love doing projects in weekends.



Apart from hacking, my other interest includes Gaming, Blogging and analysing Memes. Playing video games is a great way for me to de-stress from the demands of everyday life and do something just for the sake of enjoying.


Google Code In

I have been named as a Runner Up by Fedora Project for my contributions to open source software as part of Google Code-In 2019. You can see the list of completed tasks here.